ICAO Language Proficiency Check 

by Julia

  • Zertified Language Proficiency Check in German or English in accordance with ICAO Doc 9835
  • Language Check for glider pilots for Namibia
  • Level 4 (operational), 5 (extended) and 6 (expert)
  • Online or on site
  • Internationally acknowledged and certified
  • Both initial exam and recertification exam
  • The certificate will be issued and sent after a maximum of two days

It has to go fast?

By Julia

You're out of practice or you're not quite sure how to evaluate your English speaking skills? No problem, I'll help you. We'll talk about all the necessary details of the exam in advance so that you know what to expect from the test.

I'll support you and guide you through the test. You'll pass your Language Proficiency Check without any stress or nervousness. 

Of course I also offer the possibility for language training.

Contact me and we will discuss all the details and how I can help you!


In order to get an impression of what could be asked during the exam, have a closer look at these examples.

The test is adjusted to the pilot's rating so that the questions presented in the CBT match the skills and qualifications of the candidate. 

These examples are intended to illustrate the scope of the test. You can see questions for ATPL-A, CPL-A, PPL-A, helicopter pilots, student pilots and glider pilots. 

Since the LPC is not a basic knowledge test, the answers to the questions don't have to be correct, we rate comprehension and language skill of the answers. 

The exam

  • 100% ICAO-compliant and EASA-compliant 
  • Acknowledged in all EASA countries 
  • The test consists of a 15 minute interview and a computer-based test with 30 questions
  • It is not a general knowledge test - the correctness of your answers will not be rated
  • We rate your speaking skills and your listening comprehension 
  • Best Practice: You will be rated by two independent raters, me as an LPE and a LPLE

The Examination Process

In the following I present the procedure of the examination. The test procedure will always be the same due to defined standards.

Preliminary talk and consultation

Both the examination modalities and the procedure of the language test are explained in detail in a personal telephone call or by e-mail. It is important for the candidate to know in advance what to expect from the exam and from me.

Preparation and briefing

Before the exam begins, the exact audit process of the exam will be discussed. It is also important that the exam takes place in a quiet, stress-free and undisturbed environment. For the exam itself, all you need is a computer with a microphone and speakers or a laptop, a stable internet connection, pen and paper, and a glass of water.

10 minute interview

The first part of the ICAO Language Test is a 10 minute interview. The focus is on plain English and interaction. The interview is less of a question-and-answer game and more of a friendly conversation among fellow pilots.

Computer-based Test (CBT)

The second part of the exam is the computer-based test (CBT). The CBT poses 30 randomly picked questions all about aviation. The questions are selected by the computer system and played via audio (listening comprehension). Each question has to be answered within a certain time limit (language skills). While the interview focuses on plain English, the CBT focuses on both - plain English and ICAO standard phraseology. The testing software is operated by me, so that the candidate can fully concentrate on taking notes and answering the questions. 


After the test is finished, the exam is uploaded to the cloud and stored in the system. Afterwards there is enough time for a conversation and feedback for you and me.

Your certificate

In the following step, the exam is now evaluated by me (first evaluation - LPE) and then by a second examiner, a linguistic expert (second evaluation - LPLE). This rating procedure is necessary to comply with and to ensure the quality criteria. The certificate will be sent to you by e-mail. This final step usually takes a maximum of two days. 

Transfer of the certificate to your CAA

The e-Mail you received from LTB 1-01 must be transferred to your CAA. The CAA will check all our documents. We generally do no hand endorsements, as the manual entry to extend the validity of the language proficiency is not implemented equally in all EU member states and a ramp check may cause irritation.

Receipt of a new license

After the authority has reviewed the documents, it will issue a new license with a new language proficiency endorsement.

Test Preparation/Training

How can you prepare yourself for the exam? How can you train your listening comprehension and your speaking skills?

Foreign language skills can only be trained and improved by practicing them over and over again. You should use every opportunity to do this:

  • Speak English as often as possible, even at work if necessary
  • Watch movies and TV-series in English - also with subtitles
  • Speak English with friends or exchange English messages
  • Ask language trainers/native speakers for help and train/speak with them
  • Memorize/translate lyrics of popular songs
  • Radio in English as often as possible

About me

My name is Julia Engster-Juhas. I speak English fluently at an expert level (Level 6). After finishing my studies in education I got my Private Pilot Licence. After getting the PPL I became a teacher for aviation ground work and radiotelephony. 

Furthermore, I became a licensed and certified Language Proficiency Examiner for German and English Language Proficiency Tests up to Level 6 in accordance with ICAO Doc 9835.

I'm looking forward to helping and supporting you to achieve your Language Proficiency Certificate. 

Customer review


You want to take the Language Check?

If you're interested in taking the test, please feel free to contact me. 

I will explain the testing procedure and all the necessities to you via e-mail or telephone.

If you have further questions or if you want me to call you, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

You can also schedule an appointment by clicking on the botton down below:

Of course you can also contact me by phone or leave me a voice message, I will call you back as soon as possible:

00 49 7454 878 18 31

By the way, I also offer radio telephony lessons.


You can find me on social media:

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